Contract Manufacturing

Precision and reliability is quite important in case we’d like to outsource the filling of our product into tubes or packets.

Nowadays contract manufacturing is not an unfamiliar term, not even on the Hungarian market, since more and more companies are in possession of food produce, or they simply have a great idea, which they’d like to launch, but do not have the adequate machine stock to execute that.

At Domi Ltd., after a couple of decades of experience we can say that it is not whatever who a company chooses as a strategic partner, especially in the case of launching a new product. Most of the time the source of the problem is that there is no trust towards the contract manufacturer. There are multiple doubts, also in the case of no existing product and even in the case of a product that is under development, since we cannot see the future.

This is perfectly understandable, when we doubt what might happen, how it will be, will we get quality, will they pay attention to our products, will the job be precise, will they keep their word . These and the questions similar to them are perfectly legitimate, but since we have already proven ourselves, we can put these aside.

If you’d like a stable, long term or short-term cooperation, we are ready to provide contract manufacturing according to your requests.

We take on:

  • the filling of cream like food produce into aluminum tubes
  • the filling of liquid or denser products into packets, a pillow packet that is “welded” on all 4 sides and has a huge advertising space.

The contract manufacturing we are offering is cost-efficient and good quality.. With the help of our experience and the created and automated filling machines, we can assure a modern future for your product and can constantly serve you.

Our motto when it comes to contract manufacturing:

“Give us the work and take the victory.”

Get in touch with us and ask for a personalized offer.

Let’s create a stable and prosperous future in partnership.

Dávid Domonkos

PR and marketing manager

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